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Pet Dietary Counseling

We can provide guidance on pet nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance, and even performance.

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Pet Dietary Counseling

Similar to the rise of human obesity, obesity affects over 50% of dogs. A cat or dog’s quality of life can suffer when their weight increases. Obesity is often brought on by inadequate diet, insufficient exercise, and an excessive intake of snacks and has been related to hypothyroidism. Pet obesity can result in issues with the heart, liver, pancreas, circulatory system, and joints. Our team can help you get your pet back on track with the appropriate diet and advise on necessary lifestyle changes.

Most dogs may lose weight in 2-3 months on diets like Hill’s metabolic diet. This diet helps your pet feel pleased and full between meals by working naturally with their metabolism. This diet combines components in a synergistic manner and includes a unique fiber mix from fruits and vegetables that contains potent antioxidants. Our doctors may also create a customized nutrition plan for your pet to help them recover and maintain their ideal healthy weight.